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Detective Conan: White

Title: White
Series: Detective Conan
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Shuuichi/Rei

Summary: Rei walks in slowly – maddeningly slowly – and comes up alongside the bed on Akai’s right. He reaches out and runs the tips of his fingers from the curve of Akai’s hip to the straight line of his collarbone; Akai shivers.

“Not the present I was expecting,” he purrs, eyes dark.

Sequel to Red

Akai doesn’t like debt.

Revenge, he likes. Paying pain back with pain is something he understands – it’s been a staple of his upbringing. Paying kindness back with kindness is foreign to him. Mary had no time for soft soap and kind words, and there never came a point after his childhood when he learned to appreciate them.

What he likes about Rei is that the PSB agent doesn’t think love is spun sugar and sweet words shared under the sakura trees. To the both of them love is equal parts fierce passion and a bond of trust that lets them stake their lives on each other. Rei is a whole half of his heart, but he would never send him a card telling him so.

So when Rei casually announces he’ll be expecting repayment for his shitty Valentine’s Day gift, Akai feels his good natured acceptance of the gift melting away.

It would be easy, of course, to buy Rei chocolate. Too easy. Rei would never accept store bought chocolate as a return gift. And Akai’s sure as hell not spending an afternoon trying to decipher the mysteries of chocolate-making.

But he also knows that Rei will remember this supposed debt on White Day. And he is fully capable of pitching a fit if Akai doesn’t reciprocate in some way that meets his ridiculous standards. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

“It doesn’t seem very fair, Rei-kun,” he says mildly, when he finishes choking down the cayenne-imbued chocolate and can breathe once more.

Rei looks up at him with a glint in his eye. “Doesn’t seem fair to expect you to reciprocate the effort I put into this gift?” he asks, dangerously.

“I never requested it.”

“I like spontaneity.”

It’s true. Rei is very spontaneous, often showing up at the Kudou mansion without warning but with very defined designs on Akai’s body and wearing no briefs. Akai can hardly deny enjoying their impromptu sex romps – along with spontaneous Rei is also for the most part uninhibited in bed, and it makes for particularly erotic love making.

Akai leans down and presses an open-mouthed kiss against Rei’s lips, slipping the last of the cayenne into his mouth. Rei breaks away, coughing and glaring.

“What the hell was that for?”

“I also like being spontaneous,” replies Akai seriously.

Shortly after, Rei leaves.


To say that Akai spends a month fretting about White Day would be untrue. He has other things to occupy his mind, such as the intentions of the Black Organization, maintaining the integrity of his false identity by attending occasional university classes and pretending to understand the principles of mechanical engineering, and keeping an eye on Miyano Shiho alias Sherry alias Haibara Ai alias The Little Girl Who Hates Him. With all that to do, he has very little free time to spend wondering how to appease Rei. Which means that before he knows it, March 14th has crept up on him and he is unprepared.

He’s puttering around the house looking for inspiration – or somewhere to hide from Rei’s wrath – when he comes across the fully stocked linen closet. The Kudous have four bedrooms with queen-sized beds and the linens to outfit twice that many. Among them he finds a set of completely white pillowcases, sheets and duvet cover – a subtle pattern of white-embroidered linen flowers on a white cotton background.

It gives him the germ of an idea. After that, all that’s needed is a few stops at local stores and a rummage in the box he keeps in his closet.

At 8 he texts Rei, inviting him over.

Then he begins stripping.


Akai’s beginning to get chilly when he hears Rei knock and let himself in the front door. His ears are sharp enough to hear Rei taking off his shoes in the entryway, then there’s silence as the PSB agent pads across the carpet and, presumably, up the stairs following the trail Akai left for him. Socks, trousers, pull-over, shirt, vest, all in white, marking the way up the staircase to his bedroom. It ends with a white silk tie hung over the knob of his door.

He hears Rei’s footfall outside the door, then the soft sound of it swinging open as his lover enters.

Rei’s eyes widen as he takes in the scene in the bedroom.

Akai’s made the bed in white and brought up a pair of matching bedside tables and covered them both with white cloths. On the one to his left he’s laid out an array of toys – dildos and handcuffs and butt plugs, as well as lube and condoms. He himself is lying spread-eagled on the bed in just his (white) boxers, his arms tied to the headboard with a surfeit of white silken cords. He tied the right side with his teeth, leaving a loop to make escape easy if necessary.

Rei walks in slowly – maddeningly slowly – and comes up alongside the bed on Akai’s right. He reaches out and runs the tips of his fingers from the curve of Akai’s hip to the straight line of his collarbone; Akai shivers.

“Not the present I was expecting,” he purrs, eyes dark.

“Chocolate means nothing to me,” replies Akai, head resting on a thick white-covered pillow.

“So you gave yourself as a gift instead.” Rei’s fingers run over the white silken cords, testing their strength and tautness. Then he bends down and kisses Akai, caressing the back of his head with his free hand. Akai tastes lust and pride and excitement. “And the rules?” he asks, rising, lips flushed.

“As you said: I’m yours.” And then, softer and with more grit, “I trust you.”

Although their relationship is not defined by firm roles, Akai tends to take the lead in their love making. He nearly always tops, and knows Rei enjoys it – enjoys being pleasured and entered and needed. Rei exerts as much control as he cares to, and grants the rest to Akai with the understanding that it’s a gift he could retake whenever desired. Akai, whose feelings about sex are simpler, has no problem with Rei constructing the narrative of their relationship.

But tonight it’s Rei’s night to lead, to take and to caress. He starts by stripping off his clothes; as soon as he pulls his trousers down to reveal his swollen cock, Akai knows he’s read the situation correctly. Rei came here tonight with expectations, and they’re already being met.

“You know,” croons Rei as he climbs up on the bed, “I could get used to the sight of you tied up for me.” He presses a kiss to Akai’s neck, his thumbs rubbing Akai’s nipples until they stand firm and taut.

“I thought you would enjoy it,” replies Akai, breath slightly uneven. Rei lowers his head further to lap and suck at his nipples, hands now moving down to slide against Akai’s flanks on their way to the elastic waistline of his boxers. He slips his hand down beneath the boxers and strokes the top of Akai’s cock gently – his touch is like an electric shock; Akai’s breath catches in his throat and his cock twitches hard.

“Mm,” says Rei, and gently encircles Akai’s cock with his hand, a soft, velvety touch that’s maddening. He rubs his thumb lightly over the aching tip, his touch like sunlight filtering in through a crack in the blinds, just a tiny hint of the true pleasure awaiting. “Want more?” he asks through a shit-eating grin.

Akai leans his head back, trying to find some purchase against the sweet agony. Rei’s touch grows even softer and he groans.

“I can’t hear you,” says Rei, amiably.

“Yes,” pants Akai.

“Yes what?”

“Yes please,” he replies through gritted teeth.

Rei’s grip firms, stroking up and down his length and giving a wicked twist at the bottom that makes Akai’s hips lift.

“Let’s get these off.” The PSB agent pauses to denude Akai of his boxers, a moment that seems to stretch into an eternity. Then, rather than returning with his hand, Rei is straddling his lover, grinding their hips together. Akai gives a breathless gasp, hands jerking against the cord constraining them. Rei bends down and kisses him hard; the kiss is full of teeth and heat and need.

As he’s kissing the FBI agent, Rei’s hand is fiddling with something on the side table. He raises his hips and slides his hand between Akai’s legs to press two fingers up against Akai’s entrance. An instant later they’re sliding in, slick and tight and hot. It’s not the first time Rei’s fingered him, but it’s been a while and he’s taken unaware by the sensation of it, the feeling of pressure within him. A moment later they’re moving, sliding in and out to open him, pressing up into the core of his being.

Then they’re withdrawing and Rei’s picking something long and bulbous and purple up off the table. Before Akai has a chance to get a good look at it it’s sliding inside of him; it presses inside further than Rei’s fingers, and when he shifts the tip nudges up into his prostate. His nerves light up like a Molotov, pleasure arching through him thick and intense. Rei chuckles and lowers his hips back down to ride Akai into the bed, grinding their cocks together with a synchronicity that feels like black magic. Each pounding of Rei’s hips shoves the plug deeper into his prostate, making him gasp as ecstasy lights him up like a Christmas tree. He wants to hold Rei, wants to pull him closer and dig his fingers into the agent’s tight ass and grind the two of them together the pleasure explodes out of him. The fact that he can’t makes him all the harder, helpless and needy and begging for Rei to complete him.

“For fuck’s sake,” he pleads. Rei looks down, sweaty and beautiful, his eyes alight with glee and arousal, and gives a hard twist of his hips. Akai throws his head back and moans as he’s driven down into the bed.

“Did you want something, Shuuichi?” asks Rei, sweetly.

“Fucking finish it,” pants Akai.

“Like this?” asks Rei playfully, tweaking his nipples. Akai grinds his teeth together, desperate for completion, full to brimming with arousal so that he feels he will drown with it.

“Rei.” It’s somewhere between a plead and a prayer.

Rei reaches down and catches their cocks in his hand, shifting the angle between them so their balls are ground together and he is pumping their pricks against each other.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!” He’s coming, spilling over Rei’s hand and onto his stomach, the world smashing to pieces around him with the only constant remaining the feel of Rei’s skin against his. Rei follows him down, groaning, jerking against him.

Then Rei is rolling to lie beside him, his head on Akai’s pillow.

“Well,” he says, after a minute. “That took the edge off.”


His arms are getting quite sore, and although he says nothing about it Rei seems to recognize his discomfort and unstrings him. “It was fun while it lasted,” he says, tossing the cord over the edge of the bed. “But White Day isn’t over yet.”

“How demanding,” draws Akai. The plug’s still up his ass, reminding him of Rei’s appetite. “Perhaps next time you’ll handcuff me.”

Rei smiles. “That sounds far too close to our real lives.”


They make love again sometime later, slower and with greater ardour. Rei takes Akai’s place at the head of the bed so Akai can suck him slowly down, down, down, deep throating him while Rei hisses softly. Eventually Rei pulls away, sliding down the long length of Akai’s body to press them together again, this time kissing Akai deeply and hungrily. The intense need of their initial coupling has dissipated – this is about reaffirming their shared passion, not simply about getting off. Akai rolls Rei over onto his back and grinds him into the bed this time, the plug still pressuring his prostate and making his movements sharper and deeper.

When they’re finally both starving for the final act, Akai slides the plug out and rolls over, allowing Rei to line himself up. He shoves a pillow under his back and raises his legs high – a moment later Rei is pushing in, taking him, filling him up with his thick cock. They’re both panting, sharing each other’s breath, each other’s ecstasy. Rei gasps Akai’s name as he fucks him, propped up above the FBI agent and staring into his eyes.

They’re both so fucking lost in the other. It’s dangerous to feel this tied to another person, but Akai can’t give it up any more than he can give up breathing. Simply can’t live without Rei.

Rei cries out as he comes, hips snapping furiously into Akai, his hair damp with sweat and his face puckered with molten need. Akai reaches between them and catches up his own cock, tipped with pre-come, and jerks himself off until the combination of his own hand and Rei still twitching inside him drives him over the edge.

Rei’s still shuddering when Akai catches him in his arms and pulls him in tight; he lies on the FBI agent’s chest and catches his breath, his bleached-blond hair tickling Akai’s nose.

“You were a pretty good present,” he says after a few minutes, looking up at Akai. His foot snakes around Akai’s ankle, pressing close.

“Perhaps there’s something to be said for these holidays after all,” replies Akai.



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