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Title: The Edge of the Night (prologue/5?)
Series: Hogan's Heroes
Pairings: None
Rating: PG
Beta: frauleinfrog, who despite not watching the show still happily took it on.
Notes: Supernatural AU (not the show)

Summary: The Great War brought the kin out of the shadows when, launched into bloody warfare, they cut through entire regiments like scythes. Two decades later, they are expressely banned from all military organizations. But there's always an advantage to men who make their own luck, and the Allies can't afford to lose this war.

October, 1941

There was an orange glow outside the wire. Far enough outside the camp that sound didn’t carry back to the barracks, it shone silently, tall flames flickering in the night breeze. It was the only steady light in the darkness, a sole point of reference, a grisly reminder.

Newkirk stood in the front of the crowd gathered at the window, with his hand on LeBeau’s shoulder. He watched the tiny flickering light, perfectly aware that every other man in the camp was doing the same. Perfectly aware of the hatred and disgust and malice lying thick and tarry in the air.

A single-paragraph paper notice had been pinned to each barrack’s notice-board that afternoon, when the guards were still coming out of the cooler with their mops dripping red.

The body of Corporal Erwin, RAF, will be disposed of tonight by fire. As a violator of the Geneva Protocol 1928, his enlistment in the RAF is null and void and his presence in this LuftStalag illegal. Due to these factors, he did not merit the protection of the Geneva Convention. His disposal was an entirely legal act of punishment, and of protection of the legitimate prisoners of this Stalag.

Lt. Col. Karl Ackman

Behind him, all around him, the men were murmuring, buzzing like wasps in a tin. He didn’t have to listen to know what they were saying. Serves the freak right. Goddamn blood-sucking monster. Too bad the Krauts caught him first. Too bad we can’t watch him burn.

Newkirk tightened his grip on LeBeau’s shoulder, and watched the flames flicker with a face which was to all observers entirely impassive.


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